Spinach is native to central and Southwestern Asia, belonging to the amaranthaceae family. It is an annual plant that grows up to about 30 cm in height with edible leaves.

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Ginger is a perennial that can reach 1 m of height. The dark leaves stem from a hard, thick rhizome. The flowers are tubular, light yellow and appear in upright spikes. Its underground stem is used as a spice in cooking since antiquity.

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Mint is an herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family. There are a number of cultivated varieties including sweet mint, peppermint and spearmint.

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The basil, whose scientific name is Ocimum Basilicum, is a plant also popularly known as basilica. Originating in India, its main properties and benefits were discovered and used there for medicinal and culinary purposes. Even today, the Indians consider it a sacred plant that contributes to the development of spiritual growth, promoting relaxation and balance. Basil contains many nutrients and has different functions, contributing to the proper health and function.

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Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, is a variety of Capsicum Annuum. It owes its name to the city of Cayenne (Cayenne) in French Guiana where the spice originated from. From the Americas, it was brought to Europe through expeditions.

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Turmeric, also known as yellow ginger is an herbaceous plant from the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) originating from India and Indonesia.

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The name “avocado” comes from the Azetc words “aoacatl” ou “ahuacatl” that transformed by sound approximation into “avocado” in Spanish.

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Blackberries are the fruits of mulberry bushes of the genus Rubus, from the rosacea family, which can grow up to 3 meters. Blackberries are commonly used in desserts, jams and sometimes wine.

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Sonatural Chia & Beet Mousse

You may be surprised to learn that SoNatural juices are a great complement to various recipes such as a Chia mousse using SoNatural’s beet juice. Hear what blogger Inês from Inês3D has to say about this daring and delicious combination and try it for yourself using the recipe below.

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Sonatural Beet Porridge

With oatmeal becoming increasingly trendy as a part of a healthy diet, we looked for a unique but delicious recipe we could share with SoNatural juice fans. See one of the best from Patrícia of the blog Ele Cozinha Ela Lava, which uses our blogger favorite, SoNatural Beet juice. Read more below:

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The banana is a bacaceous fruit, long and curved that has yellow skin when ripe. Though the banana plant is called a banana tree, it is technically regarded as a herbaceous plant or herb, not a tree, as the stem does not contain woody tissue.

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Sonatural Lemon-Coconut Mousse

Yes, that’s right. It’s possible to make a lemon mousse using Sonatural Lemon-Mint juice. Inês from the blog Direito por Linhas Tortas show us how. :)

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Is there anyone that doesn’t like carrots? Carrots are one of the most popular root vegetables and are known for their bright orange color. However, with growing interest in different and more exotic varieties of foods, carrots with more unique colors such as purple, yellow, and white, are becoming increasingly popular.

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SoNatural attends the “Marca” festival in Lisbon

SoNatural’s supports great causes. This week, SoNatural was in attendance at “Marca” a solidarity festival whose funds will support four social causes: MAPA, Tripé, Camp'água and Servus Mariae.

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Sonatural Pomegranate & Quark Panna Cotta

Quark cheese and pomegranate juice? Don’t knock it until you try it! This recipe from Patrícia at Ele Cozinha Ela Lava is a delightful and surprisingly delicious treat that is sure to be a hit! See all the details below:

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