Sonatural’s history is a undoubtly a juicy one. But to sum it up in one sentence: we are a company led by third-generation farmers.
We are people who know the land and understand what it takes to create the most pure and genuinely delicious natural products around.

What we know at Sonatural today results from a vast and valuable experience passed down from our deep roots in the field. This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards—choosing to only work with the freshest ingredients using systems and techniques that maintain the integrity and unique flavors and qualities of each ingredient.

We treat our fruits and vegetables with care, using HPP to remove all of the microorganisms and impurities while maintaining all of the natural nutrition and flavor. We don’t add conservatives, sugar, or water. Our drinks are 100% juice, natural and are the most delicious and original juices on the market.

From the fruits and vegetables from the ground to your bottle, we promise that your juice will always be “so natural.”

What the earth gives, is what Sonatural gives to itself.

Not all juices that claim to be 100% natural are actually 100% natural.
But the Sonatural ones are and there is an explanation: our rules.

Sonatural is part of Group GL,SA