Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon material capable of selectively collecting gases, liquids or impurities within its pores, which promotes detoxification of the body.

Charcoal is a type of coal is obtained from controlled burning of certain woods at a temperature of 800° C to 1000° C. Activated charcoal can be made from coconut shells, but also from cork debris (very porous material).

Activated charcoal is used in several branches of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, in medicine and in filtration systems, as well as in the treatment of toxic emissions and gases.


Several ancient peoples, such as the Egyptians and the Greeks, already described the therapeutic use of coal. Its effects on poisoning were also known to the Native Americans. In the 19th century appeared the first reports of experiments in public, demonstrating their ability to neutralize potentially lethal poisons.


Activated charcoal comes from the burning of cork, from wood chips and so it is quite porous in powder form. The high absorption capacity of activated charcoal gives it the possibility of treating cases of intoxication. When a person intoxicated by chemicals or poison comes to an emergency room, doctors may apply concentrated doses of activated charcoal directly into the stomach via the catheter. After a few minutes, the charcoal is sucked out, absorbing the toxic contents.

In addition, activated carbon is used in water filters to absorb impurities. An interesting curiosity is that it does not absorb water because its chemical composition causes it to have more affinity with oily components.


Activated charcoal has several health benefits, being used as an herbal remedy. It is able to absorb toxic substances of the digestive system, being used in cases of intoxication by medicines or foods, in digestive problems, in the absorption of gases or against bad breath.

Do you know

Because it is porous, the activated carbon is compared to a sponge, which can be clearly observed through a superpotent microscope?



Activated charcoal is used in detox diets, as it removes toxic substances from the body and can even absorb poison. It is also used prophylactically to prevent and combat infections.