Blackberries are the fruits of mulberry bushes of the genus Rubus, from the rosacea family, which can grow up to 3 meters. Blackberries are commonly used in desserts, jams and sometimes wine.


The Marionberry blackberry is a cross between the Olallieberry and Chehalem varieties, combining the organoleptic qualities of these two types of fruits. Olallieberry, itself, is a hybrid created by the crossing of a Black Logan blackberry with a youngberry.


Incorporating blackberries into your diet will help you reap some of the many health benefits of the fruit, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Blackberries help improve digestion due to the presence of dietary fiber, are low in calories, have antioxidants and help neutralize the effects of freer radicals.

Blackberries are known to combat diarrhea, reduce cholesterol in the blood and help prevent atherosclerosis. They also help improve vision and slow down the degeneration of eyesight, have diuretic properties, and facilitate digestion. Blackberries also help keep nerves in good shape, fortify blood, and help fight infections as well as reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases, defend against the cold, and help revitalize the skin.


Whether harvesting or buying in the store, make sure to wash blackberries lightly and delicately. Place the berries in a colander under cold water while stirring slowly with your fingers. Allow the water to drain well and dry gently with a paper to remove excess moisture. As soon as you dry the blackberries, remove nay that are hard, green or damaged as well as any leaves, soil and dirt residue.

How to Grow

For a healthy mulberry tree and good yield, it is essential to plant your tree in deep, humid and rich soil, although the mulberry is resilient and tolerant of poor quality soils. The pH of the soil should be between 5.0 and 6.5. The plant flourishes in areas where the climate is temperate, between 15-25 degrees Celsius, as these temperatures are ideal for growing the fruit, which requires a mixture of shade and sunlight in medium to high humidity. Harvesting should be done early in the morning when the temperatures are lower and fruits are firm.

Fruits should be harvested and handled with extreme care to avoid damage. Quickly cool the fruits after harvest.

Do you know

The first paper made in Japan was made from blackberries?

That blackberries are 85% water?