The Lemon is the fruit of a small perennial leaf tree, originating from Southeast Asia. It has numerous cultivated varieties, which have many culinary and practical applications in everyday life.


The lemon is native to India where it is widely grown. Cultivated for over a millennium in India and China, the fruit is considered medicinal and miraculous in many cultures in Asia and the Middle East.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in the universal “panacea,” an imaginary plant that was believed to cure any disease. The lemon was believed to approximate this imaginary fruit, and was described by several renowned doctors at the time as having the power to cure over two hundred diseases and ailments.


The applications of the lemon in everyday life are numerous. Lemons can be used in drinks, ice cream, sauces, and snacks as well as in medicines, syrups, and cleaning products. From the peel, its aromatic essence can be used in perfume, liquors and soaps.

Epidemiological studies associate citrus fruit intake, particularly lemon consumption, with a reduction of risk in various diseases. Due to lemon’s antimicrobial qualities, in phytotherapy, it is used for several treatments of rheumatic infections and fevers, atherosclerosis, colds, flus, sore throats, gastric and uric acidity (due to its ability to alkalinize the blood), dandruff, and scarring.

Lemons help maintain collagen and hemoglobin levels and acts as a natural antiseptic. Additionally, due to the presence of a substance of limonene, it is a great fighter against free radicals. Incorporating lemon into your diet will help maintain good health due to its nutritional value and high levels of vitamin C and potassium.

Unlike other citrus varieties, a lemon tree continuously yields fruit throughout the year. The main difference between lemons and limes are the size, taste, juice yield and flavor, but they have a similar origins.


When buying, pick heavy lemons that give a little when pressed, as this is a sign they are ripe and have enough juice.

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The lemon is rich in vitamin C?

Italy is the largest lemon producer in the world?

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