Sonatural Chia & Beet Mousse

You may be surprised to learn that Sonatural juices are a great complement to various recipes such as a Chia mousse using Sonatural’s beet juice. Hear what blogger Inês from Inês3D has to say about this daring and delicious combination and try it for yourself using the recipe below.

Chia & Beet Mousse Recipe


- 1/2 bottle of Sonatural Beet juice
- 3 tablespoons of chia seeds
- 1 banana
- 1 portion of coconut chips
- 1 portion of Inês3D homemade granola

This recipe needs to be made in the evening with airtight glass jars that seal tightly. It is easy to follow and good for your health.

In the jar, put the Sonatural Beet juice and chia seeds. Close and shake well. Leave overnight in the refrigerator to enjoy the next day.

The following day, pour the chia pudding into a bowl and add your chosen toppings—I recommend coconut flakes and Inês3D ginger granola and goji berries. Whatever toppings you chose, ensure that there are a variety of fruits or vegetables, nuts, or a natural sweetener.

Have no time or aren’t at home? No problem. Simply put the toppings directly into the jar and enjoy on your way to work or school.

By Inês3D