Coconut Water

Low in calories and high in healthy properties such as high potassium content, coconut water is the ideal drink for many sportsmen,

Having only 40 calories per 200ml and composed of water (93%) and sugars (5%), and high in minerals and vitamins, coconut water is rapidly increasing
in popularity as a great source of hydration. Known for being one of the best natural sources of electrolytes, coconut water is an excellent source of
vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins), minerals (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium) and phyto-hormones, which have
important properties for the proper functioning of the body. In addition to these micronutrients, it also contains a small amount of protein, fiber, simple
sugars and lipids. Coconut lipids, although saturated, are easily digested, metabolized and used as a source of energy by the body. Coconut water is also
a great source of zinc and manganese, which has a high antioxidant power. One of the most important qualities of coconut water is to promote
hydration, including the skin, making it more beautiful.

Coconut water is diuretic, isotonic and, thanks to its high potassium content, which makes it a perfect solution to replenish nutrients after physical
activity. In addition, it helps to quench hunger and contributes to the functioning of the intestine, facilitating the digestion and control of blood glucose
levels and promoting kidney functions and blood circulation. For physical activity, during or after exercise, coconut water promotes body hydration,
especially on hot days, by replenishing the electrolytes (minerals) lost through perspiration, which helps prevent cramps and improve physical

Do you know
?A 2005 study found that after consuming coconut water for two weeks, systolic blood pressure declined 71% more than those who drank only water and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 29%?