Sonatural Beet Juice Crepes

Are there crepes prettier than a pink crepe? Learn to do at home using this recipe from Patricia's blog Ele Cozinha Ela Lava.
2019-03-08 | Posted in Recipes

Spelt Pancakes with Berries

"The trick for ?these delicious pancakes is using Sonatural's almond milk because it also has fruit in it. It’s quite thick but very light and it works perfectly for this recipe." See here the recipe for Spelt Pancakes with Barries, by Catarina Guimarães.
2019-02-19 | Posted in Recipes

Double Chia Pudding

It's not easy to find healthy breakfast options that are both simple and quick to make. Always a good bet: chia puddings! We leave here a suggestion from Mariana's blog Healthy Tasty Kitchen.
2019-01-07 | Posted in Recipes

Lemon and Ginger Cake

Do you know that fresh-smelling cake scent that spreads not only through the kitchen but throughout the house? Try this recipe from Mariana's Healthy Tasty Kitchen blog, which uses our ginger and apple Sonatural juice, and we guarantee that the scent will be incredible.
2018-12-17 | Posted in Recipes

Cucumber & Celery Green Gazpacho Recipe

Have you ever had a green gazpacho made from cucumber and celery juice? Follow the simple recipe from Inês at Direito por Linhas Tortas to try for yourself at home. Follow the delicious and easy recipe below:

2018-12-07 | Posted in Recipes

Sonatural Pink Waffles

Who said Sonatural juices are only for drinking? Our juices are also great for using in various recipes; just hear from blogger Raquel of Kéké who made wonderfully pink waffles from our blogger-favorite Sonatural Beet juice.

2018-11-30 | Posted in Recipes

Sonatural Chia & Beet Mousse

You may be surprised to learn that Sonatural juices are a great complement to various recipes such as a Chia mousse using Sonatural’s beet juice. Hear what blogger Inês from Inês3D has to say about this daring and delicious combination and try it for yourself using the recipe below.

2018-04-26 | Posted in Recipes

Sonatural Beet Porridge

With oatmeal becoming increasingly trendy as a part of a healthy diet, we looked for a unique but delicious recipe we could share with Sonatural juice fans. See one of the best from Patrícia of the blog Ele Cozinha Ela Lava, which uses our blogger favorite, Sonatural Beet juice. Read more below:

2018-04-26 | Posted in Recipes

Sonatural Lemon-Coconut Mousse

Yes, that’s right. It’s possible to make a lemon mousse using Sonatural Lemon-Mint juice. Inês from the blog Direito por Linhas Tortas show us how. :)

2018-03-22 | Posted in Recipes

Sonatural Pomegranate & Quark Panna Cotta

Quark cheese and pomegranate juice? Don’t knock it until you try it! This recipe from Patrícia at Ele Cozinha Ela Lava is a delightful and surprisingly delicious treat that is sure to be a hit! See all the details below:

2018-03-01 | Posted in Recipes
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